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The Gevatron Chorus was founded in Kvutzat Geva by a group
of young members, and have now been now active for 60 years,
since about the time of the founding of the State of Israel.
There are a total of 16 members, 8 men and 8 women who sing
together. These days only half of the members are actually from
Geva and the others are from the area of The Yizreel Valley.
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לצפייה לחצו כאן
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In a world ruled by short-lived,
rapidly changing fashions, this
troupe and its repertoire have
long been a unique and
meaningful phenomenon to its
young listeners, as well as to
their parents and grandparents…
The story of the Gevatron troupe begins
in early 1948, when a group of singers in
Geva performed at the dedication of a new
basketball court in the kibbutz.
They called themselves the "Gevatron" – a
combination of the name of the kibbutz…
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Longings- The Hour
By Leonard Fein Thu. Jul 10, 2008

It become my custom, these last four or five
years, to spend the final days of my visits to
Israel at Kvutzat Geva. Geva is a kibbutz in
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