The Members of the Gevatron today

The Gevatron

The Gevatron Chorus was founded in Kvutzat Geva by a group of young members, and have now been now active for 60 years, since about the time of the founding of the State of Israel. There are 16 members, 8 men and 8 women who sing together. Today only half of the members are actually from Geva and the others are from the area of The Yizreel Valley.

The group performs approximately 55 nights a year all over Israel where and when they are invited. We perform for private as well as public organizations and different institutions, and adjust our song list accordingly.

Over the last few years we also toured abroad mainly to North America and Europe.

No doubt winning the Prize of Israel for the year 2007 gave us a boost and ever since, we have been invited non-stop to perform all over Israel.


Normally once a week the group meets for rehearsals and updates, and also to keep the closeness of the group. While doing this, we make sure we add a few new songs every year to our repertoire. We also try every year to emphasize a special topic in our program, e.g. Yiddish songs or Mediterranean songs etc.
Israeli songs old and new or Israeli composers’ work like Yair Rosenblum), songs originally done by army musical groups orsongs by Nahum Heiman.

• Israeli songs old and new.
• Songs which were written especially for the Gevatron over the years.
• New covers made by the Gevatron to music of old songs.