Ilan Gilboa

Ilan graduated Talma Yellin High School for Arts. In the army he wrote music for army musical groups. His own first production was for the ‘Hakol Over Habibi’ pop group. For a number of years he was the manager of Shlomo Artzi, and together they produced 3 of Artzi’s records. He wrote the music for the musical ‘Peter Pan’.

Recently he became the manager of the Ein Gev Festival, as well as the Producer of the Arad Festival, whilst still working with some musical groups.

Over the years he was the musical manager for artists like Yossi Banay, Tzipi Shavit, Dudu Dotan and others. Gilboa was the Manager of The Hasidi Musical Festivals, and there he first met Yoel Parness and was asked to become the Musical Manager for the Gevatron.

For the last 20 years Gilboa has been the Musical Manager for the Gevatron aiming to give them the uplift they needed to still hold the torch as leaders of the beautiful old Israeli Folk music.

The idea is to come up with new material while at the same time to sing
the legendary story of pioneering Israel with its beautiful old Russian songs.