Rina Firstenburg 1931-2001 the legendary manager of the Gevatron who was  also called ‘The Mother of the Gevatron’, was one  of the main founders of the Chorus in 1947 and  was a singer herself up until the mid 90’s. Some would say only because of her devotion and consistency the Gevatron managed to last  all those years, and threw its weaker times too.

The Gevatron was known for its very unique  sound and voices. Four singers with very outstanding voices gave the Gevatron its special touch:

Rina Firstenburg
with her clear Russian-like Soprano

Yoav Nahshon
with his Bold operaicTenor

Tamar Ben-Yaakov
has a Lyric Soprano

Nika Berzak
has a warm Alto

In the 90’s Hanoch Albalak joined the group, he has  a high special Tenor. Hanoch performs on each show  the very unique ‘Yom Kipur’ pray calls Unetane Tokef written by Rabi Amnon from Magenza.This pray was 
given a second and extra meaning by Yair Rosenblum  in the 70’s after the Yom Kipur War of Israel in 1973.  Rosenblum wrote the extraordinary melody to it which  was then sung by Hanoch ever since.

(Tamar, Nika and Hanoch all sing in the Gevatron nowadays)

Members of the Gevatron all its years

Ben-Zion Ron, Rina Firstenberg, Sara Simchoni, Rachela Nachshon, Nirka Raz, Vered Even-Zur, Noa Yadin, Amira Yadin, Ilana Lapidot, Ziva Aloni, Rinat Shvarzman, Ziona Simchoni, Yoav Nachshon, Asaf Levin, Yuval Gurion, Amos Ben-Yehuda, Yair Zak, Gad Arzi, Yosef Avni, Yishai Ozeri, Dandi Yadin, Avshi Ben-Yehuda, Ofer Berzak, Raanan Berzak, Nika Berzak, Dani Shimoni, Ariye Eshchar, Yosi Ron, Gil Basin, Revital Ben-Yisti, Yoel Parnas, Yaakov Ron, Tamar Ben Yaakov, Ella Harris, Avraham Laks, Rachel Gordon, Shimon Aloni, Yoram Aloni, Itzik Aard, Shula Albalak, Hanoch Albalak, Roni Yonish, Yael Drori, Gideon Gurion