Special Projects

A cooperation with artists and musical groups

1. In the eighties a show with YEHORAM GAON in HAYARKON park

2. In the nineties a t.v. show with YEHORAM GAON

3. 2002 a radio program with pop band ‘TIPEX’

4. In 2008 a coproduction with the rapper “Subliminal” of the song “BAT 60”.
which was chosen to be the the official hymn of the 60’th anniversary of the
state of Israel

Shows of which the Gevatron hosts famous artists
t.v. and radio programs

The traditional annual show which takes place in Geva every Passover with
guests and friends of the Gevatron. This program usually presents the new
program to be performed in the coming year.

Tours abroad

1975   Brazil
1980   From coast to coast in the U.S.A & Canada
1983   Independence Day courtesy of the Israeli embassy in Paris France
1988   Germany Frankfurt:
1989   U.S.A:
1993   U.S.A special show at the U.N. in N.Y.
1996   Hong Kong China A special show for the Independence Day
1998   U.S.A
2000   U.S.A:
2004   U.S.
2005   Holland and U.S.A. A special show for the Independence Day
2007   U.S.A
2008   Holland

1980 With the mayor of Witchita U.S.A

The first tour to the U.S.A. 1980

A performance in Montreal Canada

2007 Fall U.S.A

1980 In Los Angeles U.S.A

1998 Orange County U.S.A

2008 Amsterdam Holland